Grape Soda Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Outstanding body to this beautiful and tasty bud. I'm no lightweight, and Grape Soda was a wonderfully balanced combination of solid upper body stone and elevated mood. Definitely indica-leaning, this 30% THC version of the strain had me chatty, relaxed,, functional, if perhaps somewhat slower than usual, and very, very happy to be doing whatever I was doing, wherever I was doing it. An outstanding strain for treatin...”

  • “Purps and citrus make a great combo...I wanted to experience the deep somatic experience I've heard this strain provides. I found that Grape Soda provides similar benefits to its predecessor, Tahoe OG. Because of its dominant somatic effects, I wouldn't recommend this strain for physically strenuous activities. However, Grape Soda is an excellent strain for relaxing the body before reading, stretching, beginner yoga,...”

  • “First bong rip and it had my floating🔥 great taste, the leaves are a mix of purple and dark green beautiful🙌🏻 Music sounds amazing and your phone is like a movie. I recommend if you see this near you cop ASAP.”

  • “evening strain for sure!”