Grapefruit Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great bud. I was blown away.... it really does smell like grapefruits. The buzz got me and my girl extremely horny... and had some amazing stoner sex lol. Smells awesome, tastes just like it smells, and overall an amazing buzz. Worth it, would buy again.”

  • “Horny as fuck”

  • “Awesome smoke At night with a vape. It's an indica dominant so it relaxing. The moment you finish grinding up the bud and pour it into a bowl an incredible smell of sour grapefruit can be smelt. The high starts off pretty chill along with a few laughs and giggles. You then burst into energetic phase which is then followed by a creative phase. You end up in a pretty deep couch lock for an hour or so and slowly fall a...”

  • “Kurvana Grapefruit Kush Cartridge. Love. I'm a full-time student who also works full-time and this helps keep me on my grind. Gives me energy, puts me in a good mood and helps me focus. Does give me a LITTLE bit of busy-body syndrome, but it's actually helpful since I'm constantly on the go.”

  • “This is the best weed I have ever had, that's all I could ever say about it, the high is like the biggest stress reliever ever, your problems melt away”

  • “I picked up a couple of sample grams at the dispensary the other day, and this was one of them. I'll start by saying, if you're going to name a strain after a piece of fruit. That strain should smell and taste like said fruit; and all too often I'm left guessing where they thought the Lemon was in this strain, or the Cherry here and Berry there. So as soon as I leaned my nose in to smell my bag of newly acquired med...”

  • “Definitely reduces stress, slows you down and focuses you in a calm way (mindfulness). Also has a happy/content glow. Best so far for anxiety/PTSD?”

  • “Just tried my first bowl of organic Grapefruit Kush as recommended to me by my friend. Very distinct grapefruit aroma and flavor. It is sweet and a little creamy. The high comes on in a straightforward, yet easy manner. It feels simultaneously invigorating yet calming and eases into a peaceful sense of focus.”