Grease Monkey Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super relaxed. Thinking a lot -daydreaming. Anxious. .........Nope. No Stress. I like this one for when ya just feel that --- "Stop the World I want to get off" --- vibe. Definitely mellows me out so that I can get back to being productive/focused. Very tasty and very nice smell. lasted almost a day at the retailer. AK Fuzzy Buds, in Anchorage, AK. I believe the THC level was 27.46% on that batch.”

  • “Heavier on the indica but still good day time hybrid.”

  • “super heavy on the indica side, great for a good nights sleep, would recommend :)”

  • “Perfect hybrid. It has a delicious vanilla flavor and is super smooth. It crushed my muscle spasms without couchlock. 😁”

  • “Where to begin. The flavor and appearance of grease monkey is something to behold. It has this fantastic aroma that you can taste throughout your rip. Def on the heavier indica side.”

  • “A friend of mine said its good but taste like shit. Idk what he was talking about it tasted like gg4 and just diesel. Smell including definitely on the indica side for sure but overall not bad for something new.”

  • “Oh ya and it popped when Cars 3 premiered! So it's only fitting to rip it and watch from the pits. Lol white wall tires ka-chow.”

  • “6 star strain! It's so potent it's unbelievable specially when your someone with a nice high tolerance. Wake and bake this pure 1 & done ✅ Apparently one of the rarest cannabis. If she pops up in your dispensary buy all of it. Won't be disappointed. Eliminates pain,nausea.”