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Grease Monkey Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super relaxed. Thinking a lot -daydreaming. Anxious. .........Nope. No Stress. I like this one for when ya just feel that --- "Stop the World I want to get off" --- vibe. Definitely mellows me out so that I can get back to being productive/focused. Very tasty and very nice smell. lasted almost a day at the retailer. AK Fuzzy Buds, in Anchorage, AK. I believe the THC level was 27.46% on that batch.”

  • “super heavy on the indica side, great for a good nights sleep, would recommend :)”

  • “Amazing! This one made it in to my top 5 strains. If you're in to exotics, this is definitely one to try. The gorilla glue and cookies & cream came together perfectly. I can taste a little more of the cookies and cream. The high is really heavy taking away my pain/anxiety and yet leaving me inspired. VERY TASTY! Try it now and thank me later 😊”

  • “Man this strain has out-of-the-world relaxation. Also insane body high that massages your soul into an effervescent atmosphere of aphrodisiac peace and euphoria.”

  • “Love this strain! I mix it with Cannatonic because I need the high CBD, but I also need the high THC. Alone these strains are really good, but mix them together and WOW!🤗 Knocks out pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. Like a natural combo of Excedrin migraine, Xanax & Vicodin. You can stay active if you like but you can easily fade into the couch while staring at the Netflix home screen and daydreaming. 😉 I’ve...”

  • “Perfect hybrid. It has a delicious vanilla flavor and is super smooth. It crushed my muscle spasms without couchlock. 😁”

  • “Where to begin. The flavor and appearance of grease monkey is something to behold. It has this fantastic aroma that you can taste throughout your rip. Def on the heavier indica side.”

  • “Awesome strain for kicking back after a long day makes food more flavorful. Couch lock is imminent if not active”