Green Cheese Reviews

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  • “Got the couch lock yesterday lol but completely pain free and my mind was on point. Couldn't lose at scrabble hahaha”

  • “I liked Green Cheese a lot - bought 7 grams for the holidays, and I gotta say, it did it's job. Kept us happy, upbeat, and energized enough to occasionally cook feasts before settling back down to watch TV. Overall a great sativa leaning hybrid.”

  • “One of thr best I've had. Gave me that everything is better feeling. Relaxed anti-anxiety and no pain. slight couch lock. Nice cerebral enhancement”

  • “More cheese than crack with this strain. I didn't have great experiences with other cheese phenos and this one is not much different. I experienced some energy increase, but that was accompanied by a slack-jawed high that wouldn't quit. Green cheese creeps in nice, but soon takes over your critical cognitive faculties, which is no fun for me. Probably a very good anti-anxiety and pain mitigating strain. Because of th...”

  • “It helped with my back pain! This was the first time I have felt completely pain free!”

  • 4am

    “Fat sticky pillowy buds, good smell, good taste. Really does make you focused I can't stress that enough! it's not too strong so I'd say it's a good strain for the amateur smoker as well. Great strain to get creative on too, not really a couch lock but you'll enjoy it more if you're chilling. Will buy again.”