Green Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I love this strain. I was cleaning and organizing my house like crazy. Very talkative and energetic. Amazing day high.”

  • “This weed hits you harder/faster than any other weed i have tried. With it's deliciously sweet flavor, it explodes you into a long lasting, enjoyable experience. Use with caution beginners, very very potent.”

  • “This was my first Top shelf strain, I did this when i had a very low tolerance. Max Dose: Insanely lucid high. It is literally surreal. Sounds are amplified and clear, everything looks super hd and sharp, watching the lion king was akin to a trip on psychedelic drugs. Seeing as I did too much, I did end up having a bad trip, It felt like everything had a voice, I was seeing things, and my thoughts where very loud i...”

  • “I was skeptical at first, as this strain's parents are both a bit heady, but I was immediately proven wrong. Green Dream is what I've been looking for: cerebral without paranoia, light pain and anxiety relief without needing to take a nap, and an overall feeling of well-being. I can still read and comprehend, but then analyze what I've read in an unconventional way. And most importantly I can hold a conversation wi...”

  • “smoked one bowl out of a pipe and it was dank. i had the mega muchies and they never ended, i ended up eating 300 dollars worth of food”

  • “This strain was great, It helps me sleep and feel alive and relaxed. It deff promotes love and unity”

  • “Very similar to Green Crack parent strain, but a LITTLE more mellow..... still very potent, makes the wheels turn.....”

  • “Smoked this strain last week, had me feeling very uplifted and happy as well as energetic. very good day time smoke.”