Green Goddess Reviews

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  • “Was so excited to give this strain a try. Waited for the perfect morning when both my girlfriend and I were feeling down and ready to just sit on the couch the whole day. Popped some Ggd in my vaporizer and not 10 minutes later we were both up and ready to get things done today with smiles on our faces. Not really any effect on my body, but I feel focused and colourful.”

  • “This is the best Hybrid available - period. Pro: Uplifting and moving - jamming to New Minglewood Blues (Grateful Dead) - but I've danced to music on this stuff all the time. It's total uplifting stuff, you want to just dance and sing. Con: Maybe a little paranoid if you do more than 3 hits. Taste great actually! Very smooth, very light (like am I smoking?) and clean and crisp. Love the color too ---- soft ...”

  • “This is truly green GODdess. I dont even know where to begin with this strain. Smoking this in a room with a warm temp gave me all the relaxation and comfort that I needed. I felt as if the world was lifted off my shoulders.”

  • “This review is for Green God sugar wax by Dabstract. This gives off a sweet citrus aroma that is very nice. With a terp profile of 3.5% the taste will please the pickiest of stoners. As far as effects go this strain will provide relaxation without a great deal of sedation. Indica dominant but nicely balanced effects. This strain was able to combat my lower back pain and keep me on my feet working. All in all, g...”

  • “its very euphoric. it makes you geunually happy. talkative and creative.”

  • “Damnnn this shit right here son this shit right here had me sleepin like a baby after a late night j and some cartoons very giggly happy all around good time”

  • “This is an amazing pain reliever! My dispensary lists this one as a sativa, but here on Leafly it's a hybrid. Well, for me, I don't get any Indica type effects. I actually get relief from the nerve pain in my feet.”

  • “Great taste, hard dense buds, and a nice body buzz!”