Green Hornet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “that shit is fire. Bye bye headache .”

  • “DELICIOUS!!! My tummy was hurting this morning but after a little green hornet in my bowl I'm feeling ready to take on the day!”

  • “Strong head sativa buzz with that gives you that hot-head around the eyes feeling that focuses the brain. I'm not crazy about the taste though its decent - but I then again I don't seem to like sativa tastes compared to indica or hybrids. Sativa smoke feels somewhat prickly to my palate. Definitely a repeat score for me, it does everything I want a sativa to do, and it does it well.”

  • “Picked up from a local dispensary for $15 1/8th. The flowers are nice and dense with some big buds. I love the smell, reminds me of a strain called jilly bean. Nice calm high, that doesn't make you tired and gets your mind right.”

  • “First time trying this strain. Vaped in an Arizer Solo. Dry aroma: very strong herbal (but pleasant), hints of candied citrus. Definitely put me in a good mood & inspired me to put together a piece of ikea furniture. Felt uplifted (had been feeling down the last few days) - though approaching the 1.5 hour mark (I was continually vaping the whole time) I started to feel a tad bit disoriented. Probably now my favo...”

  • “This was my first hookup since moving out to California & I'm not too impressed. Smoked several bowls & acquired a decent high but only for a very short period of time. No long lasting affects for me at all. Not necessarily a bad strain, but definitely not the best. Also made me very uneasy / slightly paranoid after prolonged smoking.”

  • “I've been getting tired of getting hybrids that feel way too sativa dominant. This is a good balance of sativa and indica for me. Squishy buds, nice moisture, doesn't grind well though. Slighter darker color then normal, almost a forest green, and looks similar to a typically unappealing strain. I looked at it and I was like this looks like below average weed but it is the wonder weed for me. Good for everything. 5/5...”

  • “Great strain for focusing on work, reading, or gaming. The only con is that it made me kind of tense and paranoid.”