Green Queen Reviews

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  • “First, let me state that I am very picky in what strains I medicate with. I have tried all kinds of strains and am very specific in the effects I want to feel. I need cannabis to 1) Calm my stomach/intestines immediately and take away nausea - and - 2) Provide me with a clear, manageable high that does NOT induce paranoia or anxiety. I have severe IBS, GERD and a host of other intestinal issues, so a high CBD ...”

  • “New favorite. Energy and creativity with chill. Think of red bull mixed with slowjams.”

  • “I've been looking forward to trying Green Crack for a while, but they had Green Queen so I got it instead. Oowee, I'm not disappointed! This strain is a strange taste experience... What starts off as an earthy floral turns into hints of blueberry and pine, the fuck? Beautiful crystals all over light green buds, this stuff speeds up the mind and smiles up the face. Great for wake n bakes, pre-party joints, and ice in ...”

  • “A bit like Green Crack, but more mellow. Wakes you up, increases focus, but isn't as tense.”

  • “One of my favorites I've found so far, not top shelf but definitely worth the price! The high is very floaty and relaxing, probably from the space queen, yet very euphoric and happy from the green crack. You can definitely tell its a hybrid, though I would say it's more of a head high than a body high. Very versatile strain, I've had crazy party nights on this and very relaxing, enjoyable, nights in with friends o...”

  • “Worthy of its name, though heavy hitters will probably need two and a half bowls, it is pleasantly fragrant in smell and taste. Long lasting effect of up to three hours.”

  • “tons of crystals and tasted great. hit very very smooth”

  • “"Eyeballed it" instead of using my scale, and apparently had a fair amount more than usual last night. I still had a good experience, and still felt quick to relax muscles and do a lot of range-of-motion stretching, but I also felt much more mentally affected (kind of stupor-ish) and kind of agitated. I spent much of the first hour and a half unable to sit still for very long, and noticed I was pacing around a lot,...”