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Gremlin Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🌲🍰 Gremlin will take you by surprise, have you munching fries with heavy red eyes, and teleport you to sunrise. With hints of pine and a baked sweetness, this hybrid is a creeper that will deliver serious dose of relaxation throughout your entire body. If you can make it off the couch after a few bowls of this, you will surely be headed to the refrigerator. This is an awesome strain for the evening, as it will let ...”

  • “Decent hybrid. Nice bit of euphoria and uplifted feeling with mild body relaxation. Not too heavy to cause couch lock. A little elevated focus. Good strain for ADHD, anxiety, depression, pain, muscle cramps.”

  • “this is some high quality cannabis. I rate 4/20, would smoke again.”

  • “I got some of this in concentrate form (bho wax) and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It gave me a burst of energy while simultaneously relaxing me, which on some occasions made me just feel tired while other times it was awesome and just fun. The taste of the wax was pretty generic not very flavorful even going lower temp and using a carb cap but since I'm sure this is more a concentrate extraction problem than a b...”

  • tmd

    “this strain is lit that better blow.”

  • “Exquisite Marijuana”

  • “This strain is great the high is powerful, it smells like candy, I can feel a blanket of THC on me rn.”

  • tmd

    “this stran is lit . that better blow on everything 1 kj.”