Guava Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very short high but very enjoyable. good for those short breaks between work or classes. it will make you a couch potato and sleepy if you dont entretain your mind or do an activity.”

  • “It's a top end sativa. I love the taste. I've always found the high to set in slowly and turn into a pleasant mellowness. This is what I would smoke during a lazy day at the beach.”

  • “Super Stoney. This stuff knocks me out, even as daily smoker! Great for total relaxation and nighttime.”

  • “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 af had me and my boy laughing all night stoned af good vibes love dis strain”

  • “Aided in reducing nausea and it tastes super citrus-y and sweet which is a great plus. It might make you a little more sociable just because it slows down racing thoughts and reduces my anxiety.”

  • “pretty good strain, much better in the vaporizer taste is way much better and the high lasts longer, i put some in the pax 2 and after i sat at the computer and it was real hard for me to read lol”

  • “My favorite strain. Perfect for a nice boost in creativity (for me songwriting) but also perfect for a sunny day hike or a lazy day in the city. Also great for just chillin with friends. Idk something in this strain hits my brain the right way. I've never had any negatives, and Ive gotten it in a few places on the WC. Can't go wrong.”

  • “I actually have a strain called guava gelato. this cross shows strong signs of guava Kush. the smoke is very flavorful and fruity. the nugs are fluffy and frosty but nonetheless very dense.”