Gupta Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Finally, Leafly added Gupta Kush from Helping Hands Herbals in Boulder. This strain is a true medical strain that dissolves any pain you maybe experiencing while leaving you with a nice but not completely sedative couch-lock. The buds are always nice, large and tightly packed but I've never seen much trichome coverage on them. Deep woodsy kush smell that is a fantastic hallmark of the kush lineage. This strain isn't ...”

  • “Love this strain not my best but love it nice results nice yield smoke nice really can't complain smells good and taste good to like other strains it smell but dont tastes like it smells”

  • “Really nice strain. Really relaxing. Perfect for chilling with friends. Even better for a smoke sesh with your boyfriend/girlfriend.”

  • “It's a great strain for relaxing at home. I got more of a full body high as opposed to a head high but I love this strain.”

  • “Mellow high. Great for watching a movie before bed or just chilling. This strain tend to make me into a puddle of mush with no real motivation to do much physically. Good for pain relief or for help falling asleep”

  • “Amazing strain for chilling with friends, getting rid of pain. Or smoking before hanging out with your S/O. Overall amazing.”

  • “Picked up from a caregiver in boulder, CO. Nice, pine tree shaped nugs with typical kush bulkiness. Moderate trichome coverage. Woodsy, earthy, & pungent nose. Taste was excellent; sweet, earthy, floral notes. Nice indica body effects and a mild head high that allows for what I find to be a good social strain. Eases away anxiety and pain while giving you a little pep too. When you're ready to retire for the night, yo...”