Haleigh’s Hope Reviews

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  • “I tried this in a disposable oil pen and loved it. Amazing for PTSD related symptoms and for muscle pains and spasms associated with opiate withdrawal. Been going through a brutal methadone detox, and this has been amazing at stopping anxiety, chills/cold sweats and blocking some of the muscular pain while remaining clear headed.”

  • “Developed by Jason Cranford of the Flowering HOPE Foundation, this CBD-rich flower has been a blessing to the medical cannabis community. Aromas of pine, lemongrass, and a slight muskiness fill the air when the seal is broken. Otherwise known as "HH Red" in Connecticut (stop laughing at us, by law dispensaries can't list the "street name" aka genetics). A big thank you to April and the team from Curaleaf to bring ...”

  • “• Kudos & Finest Achievement for four years'-work to achieve this Super-strain for Haleigh, as well as all children suffering from debilitating diseases, disorders, issues, bc now there's some welcome-relief to end|curb suffering. This CBD-220mg/thc-76mg/mL Haleigh's Hope oil from Curaleaf is a superb addition to everyone's medicine cabinet, tokers & non-tokers, alike! • Tasty, terps-blasted-flavor of earthy sweetnes...”

  • “Right From the beginning you get a tickling sensation from the predominantly funky smell, paired with subtle notes of earthy pine, and a slight lingering sour-fruit finish. I'm medicating Curaleaf's HH Red, which tests at a roughly 50/50 CBD:THc ratio (13% and 10% respectively). The buds are perfectly cured, able to crumble in your fingers but nice and sticky!”

  • “Amazing strain, I have been picking it up as long as it has been in stock in CT, which has been a few months now, and me my sister with Fredricks Ataxia, a rare muscular disease, finds that it helps calm her body and relax her, even help her walk a bit better. Would recommend!”

  • “Floaty relaxed high - really good for anxiety and body pain. I have a shaking problem due to an addiction to xanex and klonopin and this strain helps my nerves calm down and stop the shaking. Works great for ptsd symptoms too”

  • “I love this strain, never thought I would go for CBD but wow, this is great. I hope one day soon anyone who wants relaxation, pain relief, and fantastic sleep will have access to high quality CBD products.”

  • “I really enjoy this strain. It comes on really subtle and is really great for crowd anxiety. I tried this before a concert and it was amazing. I had a great time, i really got into the music, the crowd didn't bother me at all and I was able to stay energetic!”