Haole Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoking this pakalolo is comparable to riding a wave. You drop in to a heavy Indica full body relief. Pop up, layback, hang-ten and enjoy the tube then carve n charge racing for the lip busting a gnarly kick out as the Sativa come alive. It's totally raddical and wickedly awesome dude.”

  • “It's not my favorite. This particular batch was not top shelf. Although dense, I have found 4 seeds in 3 bowls. I wonder how much of my weight actually went to what I'm sure are unusable seeds. That's on the grow/dispensary tho. Not necessarily indicative of the strain. It is a pretty even 50/50 hybrid as suggested. You get a little sativa, a little indica. It is harsh tho. Reminds you of old school regs lol. Makes f...”

  • “very tasty ! excellent effects”

  • “Smells a little diesel/lime almost.. Combustion wise taste reminds me of nasty brick, vaping brings out a lot more nice complexity without so much burnt yam, more grape or lime or both.. Nice high.. Almost stony like but with energy and a focus like that”

  • “Good solid strain, not memorable.”

  • “if you happen to find a nice batch pick some up. very tasty, lengthy, body & head high. good for stress/anxiety”

  • “Tasty and frost. Look definitely a 5! To quote the canadian lyricist Drake. "0 to 100 real quick" ...defines how high you feel, and just as you peak, you're so stoned you don' t realize that you're coming down. I just wished it lasted longer.”

  • “Good solid strain, not memorable”