Harle-Tsu Reviews

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  • “As a person who's gone from a casual every day stoner, to someone who gets crippling anxiety from only a hit or two, Harle Tsu has been a godsent. Normally as I smoke I start to feel stupid, which is a feeling my brain tries to fight, which makes me claustrophobic and overwhelmed. With Harle Tsu I can take a few bong rips and speak as intelligently as I could if I was sober. It feels similar to perhaps taking half...”

  • “A good herb for relaxation. Not much of a cerebral high, but what little high you do get is focused and energetic but calm. Its good to mix with some powerful indicas to even it out. If your a ztoner looking to get blasted its not for you. But if you need relief through the day and need to be focused it is for you. For me no anxiety or paranoia.”

  • “This strain is literally the child of Harlequin. I see nearly zero differences between them, which is NOT a bad thing. Harlequin gives you a nice pleasant and mild body and VERY mild head high. Harle-tsu (or harley sue/harlesue/harle sue) is cross bred with Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This makes for a unique mix. Not only do you get the laughs associated with Hq, you get a strong body sensation as well, from the sour...”

  • “This strain is fantastic. My anxiety melted away beautifully. And it helped my tinnitus beautifully.”

  • “This strain has been a life saver for me. I have Lupus. Extreme arthritis, severe inflammation, just generally feel crappy most of the time. Winter is the WORST for me. Harle-Tsu has made it possible for me to get up off the couch and live my life. I hate feeling high. I know that sounds crazy, but I have zero desire to feel high, I just want to feel BETTER! When I smoke Harle-Tsu I feel relaxed, happy, PAIN FREE ...”

  • “While in the military,had multiple body injuries.Have taken the usual Pharmacy cocktails that just did more damage.Finally got my medical cannabis card and the first strain I tried was Harle-Tsu. Work exceedingly well for my skeletal & muscular pain. Also tamed that nerve tingle.The pheno type I had gave a taste of hashy,peppery & menthol taste. It also gave a mellow head buzz with no anxiety or panic attack. After t...”

  • “"Quote me on this, 'It's no pan-galactic gargle blaster, but it's mighty lemony.'", says my Man, who just woke back up, walked to the kitchen and muttered, "so thirsty." while chugging a pint of water when asked (by myself) if he wanted to ad any tasting notes to this review. I would totally do this again and that has very little to do with the fact that I've got almost a third of a pre-roll left outside in the camp...”

  • “This strain combines the feeling of being relaxed, at ease and calm without the drag of a High Thc / low CBD indica strain. There is a mental acuity without the racing thoughts sometimes associated with a good Sativa or Sativa leaning Hybrid. It also doesn't increase the volume or intensity of my thoughts or feelings. For this reason I wouldn't recommend it for stimulating your creativity. One big bonus, in my view,...”