Harmony Reviews

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  • “This flower is a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. Being someone who suffers from anxiety and having a pain disorder my options can tend to be limited. I acquired White Harmony from Greenhouse Mokena. This is my go to for the end of my work day. It's amazing. It has a beautiful balance of euphoria with relaxation. Great way to calm down pain and enjoy the evening yet get a great nights sleep.”

  • “If you need arousal then I highly recommend this! Not only that but it puts you in such a loving positive mood. Would recommend this if you have felt like you were stuck being negative for a few days. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth it!!!”

  • “Just a note that some people are confusing this strain with White Harmony, which is a high CBD content strain. Regular harmony is about 17% THC and <0.1% CBD.”

  • “There's many reviews here that are referring to the CBD strain of Harmony. This review is for the 14.5% THC strain from Tilray. Upon opening the SkunkSack I was hit with a nice earthy aroma and a great variety of nuggets in size and colour. Immediately I notice the dark purple, deep green buds heavy in trichome, and covered in the orange hair of Acupulco Gold. There's a distinct flavor aroma that would be similar t...”

  • “Great daytime strain although it is rather heavy hitting. Gives me an energetic, happy buzz. The aroma is phenomenal like having a bag of hawaii in your house lol taste is similar to its aroma, a pineapple lemony flavour with earthy undertones. I like this strain very much and would purchase again!”

  • “very floral fruity stank. when you light it up it hits hard and is very heady all the way through great for outdoor or enjoying a movie”

  • “i would like to know if anyone else has had this kind before. its pretty rare but amazing.”

  • “Harmony is purely sublimely blissful!!! Definitely a wonderful strain if you are wanting your day to be just pure, easy-sailing bliss! Big-time mood lifter, incredibly uplifting! Great for socialising and if you want to get up and get things done in a totally chilled out yet focused way. A little hard hitting initially if smoked when you first wake up but by a couple joints into the morning you are just in pure, un...”