Harry Potter Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great taste a perfect combo of flavors thats not too gassy or woody! Reminds me of Blue Dream but a lot stronger! Gave me i nice relaxed creative feeling High Lee recommended!”

  • “It was amazing.. i loved it i smoked one bowl and i was so out of it i was seeing colours i was hallucinating i. loved. it would totally recommend for someone that wants to just relax and listen to music or whatever”

  • “Very Strong!”

  • “please get this strain in eugene- Springfield Oregon so I can try it lol”

  • “Great strain, straight to the chest, wakes you up but you still feel the indica, beautiful mix and easy come down, just don't fry yourself, then your come down will be hell 😂”

  • “Just tried this today in a concentrate. Tried it for the medical....relief of muscle spasms...have tried several others with the same attribute but this one really worked wonders. Please get more of this in the Marion County Oregon area. Would love to see some flower. I can't seem to find this strain anywhere...will be keeping my eyes open.....as best I can..Ha ha”

  • “Takes me to another place.”

  • “this is good for both pain and psychology related issues try it out. it is hard to find”