Hawaiian Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain to smoke with company if you're looking to have a fun and productive day. This strain had me deep in thought when alone and made my body numb alleviating my back pain and sore muscles. Great for relaxing during the day or to get an assignment done. 5/5 stars any day.”

  • “The buds look delicate with a coating of fine crystal, which seems to lighten its green and red textures. The vapour was sweet and smooth, fruity with a cool hint of mint, like a fruit punch lifesaver. I just had to exhale through my nose. It was immediately uplifting. Minutes later I began wanting to write this. I am now really aware of music now...pain free... I didn't have to pack the pipe that full... :) ... ...”

  • “The flavors of this bud are largely Tropical followed by sweet and then a hint of pungent goodness. The effects are comprable to a classic GSC, in that they are highly "happy (10) euphoric (8) and creative (6), also somewhat energetic (6) and uplifted (4) (in that order 10 being highest and 1 being lowest). As for its Medical uses, I would have to say this strain is best for depression, stress and pain, lack of appe...”

  • “This strain is super dope! It's very sweet and fruity. Whenever I smoke it I get a strong body high and I feel very relaxed and my mind is very creative. This strain for sure gives you the munchies !”

  • “Good energetic hybrid. High in trichomes, fluffy colorful buds. Purple leafs, red hairs, and a smooth smoke. Smells lovely.”

  • “Bought a gram and took maybe a pinch off the flower, and have a really smooth head high. RECOMMENDED”

  • “Supppper Dank 🔥”

  • “a heady high for sure, but the taste is really indescribable!”