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Hawaiian Fire Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love the effects of this strain: it will truly uplift you and motivate you to do something creative. I love listening to music with this strain because I do not feel tired. This strain is really good to use throughout the day.”

  • “this is the first weed i ever smoked about a year ago and it set the standard. it gives you a very unique fun high, making it essential to smoke with friends. it makes you tingly, happy, euphoric, and did i say tingly? hah i love that feelings its one of the most unique things about this bud. you get lost in what your doing, you think your doing so much but really just staring off geekin out haha. did it at a carn...”

  • “This strain lives up to its billing! By far one of the best Sativas, and I am am loving it! As I am doing this review, I've just smoked some right now. This particular batch has a lemon and tropical scents. Just like Hawaii, this strain has a very laid back and uplifting vibes going on. As the intial part of the high kicks in, you experience a onset of uplifting head high. This is soon flows through you and in t...”

  • “Just about the most perfect flower I've had the pleasure of Vaping… most chill, no bad body effects, all euphoric and completely peaceful feeling. If you can find it buy at least a 1/4, they constantly run out of it everywhere I order.”

  • “while the last hawaiian fire i got was more on hawaiian side..this one is more og kush like..101 og kush smell somehow mixed with hawaiian brown hairs..high was very good and you feel awesome but tired..haha”

  • “I've smoked a lot of sativa strains & this is one definitely f*** stood out! Im telling u smoke this s*** and u'll taste a difference. It taste sweet and it gets u high asf. Definitely recommend.”

  • “Exactly how they describe it, dreamy and vacation like, you can almost hear the waves. Very euphoric and extremely relaxing but no couch lock that is for sure. Really good for my chronic back pain too.”

  • “Very nice head buzz. This would be a good one to go outside and take your dog for a walk or exercise or just get out and do something active. EXTREME munchies with this weed-but that's OK, because this strain makes everything taste amazing. Definitely not for someone looking for a strain for body pain or a giggly euphoric high.”