Hawaiian Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great and very powerful strain. Great at helping with insomnia and leaves you with a sutisfying taste after it is smoked. Great smell and prefferably consumed before you go to bed. Do not consume a big amount if your not an expirienced smoker!”

  • “I'm a heavy smoker but this shit hit hard. Def good uplifting high.”

  • “This strain is above average. The affects are felt within minutes, and continue to increase for 30 min or so. I feel blissful and creative. Nice euphoria, yet no loss of short-term memory. Red eye symptom is very low. Smoked smooth. I took the dogs for a walk, and it was fantastic. The grass and trees were more vibrant, The fresh air smelled extra good...the cool breeze made me feel so alive and humble of the beauty ...”

  • “Quite a potent strain, the high should hit you already while you're smoking and to me - its definitely more Indica than Sativa. Its quite a hard hitting initial high and normally wears off after about an hour, its great if you want to sleep, or for use as an anti-depressant. It uplifts your mood, also promotes crazy munchies but otherwise it pleasant. The last batch I got was full of seeds, so i grabbed a few and pla...”

  • “My oh my. Taste is AMAZING. Covered in tri Almost immediate effect. Great happy head high, uplifting and mentalbclarity. This is more recreational of a strain. But great medicinal qualities if you suffer from depression. Great strain, absolutely love it. You can buy a quarter from purple lotus in SJ for 50 bucks!!!”

  • “Fantastic strain, its sweet smooth taste made it a joy to smoke. The effects seemed somewhat delayed which had me a bit disappointed at first but when this "creeper" hit me...awesome. I felt very euphoric and was in a joyful mood for at least 3 hours after the joyful phase it seems to move into a more chilling phase but by no means a lazy mood. would recommend this to most experienced smokers out there and for novice...”

  • “This is a good strain smells sweet and its a smooth smoke. Its also a very pretty flower and overall its definitely one of my favorite strains.”

  • “A very active high that kept me wanting to do things but couldn't keep me focused... Made my AD/HD go insane”