Haze Heaven Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Haze Heaven Shatter Look: Soft almost runny looking,but completly stable. Dark amber turns to a transparent yellow when "snaked" a little bit. Smell/Taste: This was a really non distinct smell and taste. Its dank and pungent, but doesnt really resemble anything. I feel like haze and its hybrids have a lemon-catpiss flavor spectrum alot of times, and if it falls inbetween instead of peaning one side,it can almost seem...”

  • “very nice weed. very relaxing but happy weed”

  • “I got this in the Netherlands where it's called Heaven's Haze. I have PTSD and chronic back pain. I got it hoping it would help me sleep. Man! 2 hits and I was in the Twilight Zone! Happy as hell! Feeling awesome! I wanted to talk. made me chatty and just happy. I forgot about my back pain I was so stoned. I did eventually fall asleep but it was not like a Kush sleep. if you feel horrible mentally, this will defi...”

  • “I am absolutely happy with relieving my pain as I can barely get around #excited”

  • “Great (: when u beat it, it feel amazing (:”

  • “I like this Weed because i relax and im happy 😁”

  • “I got this from the coffeeshop in the Netherlands. It's called Heaven's Haze there. I bought this because I believed it would make me sleepy. Instead I got kinda chatty. Felt very happy. This hots hard. I was fried after a couple hits. I haven't smoked in 10 years before this. I am suffering from PTSD and chronic back pain. This was a mood elevator for sure but didn't help the insomnia much. As for pain, I wouldn't...”