Head Cheese Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “😵🎆 Head Cheese is everything you could ever want from a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The high is very distinct and is perfect for waking and baking or general daytime use. Personally I could smoke this anytime, as the mood lift is so prominent that this has quickly become one of my favorite strains! The smell is so disgustingly good, like a block of parmesan cheese and a pine cone had a stillborn baby. I would recommend...”

  • “Tiny, bright lime green calyxes crusted with clear trichromes and protruding light orange pistils are densely clustered into classic indica structured buds. A sweet, farmy, musty dessert cheese hits the nose and follows through on the palate with the sweet and must flavors dominant on exhale. Effects on me are mild-intensity, long-duration, and evenly-balanced. When I smoke or vape this, I always imagine mysel...”

  • “This strain is very potent compact dense buds that smell exactly like cheese. Helps stress, one bowl .2 got me really relaxed i suffer from depression and anxiety it calms me down thank god for head cheese!!”

  • “I'm just going to start by saying the HC I picked up is 35.9% THC over at Pacific Cannabis Company in bremerton WA. I've never seen flower that high. Taste has a bit of citrus but I wouldn't say lemon but definitely still citrus. Powerful body high. Great for relaxing at the end of the day. I am about an oz a week smoker and was able to feel a distinct high from it still. Don't miss out on this if you come up on it.”

  • “Despite what is quite possibly the absolute most unappealing strain name (Right up there with such high school classics as the ever so elegant strain known as "Cat Piss"), and a somewhat odd smell and terpene profile, it really tastes pretty good and always produces absolutely AMAZING effects! When a buddy of mine sent me his weekly bud menu a month or two back, he had some "Head Cheese" that had been grown in the n...”

  • “Smooth smoke, post exhale tastes like burnt nachos but in a good way. As I was staring at the fractals spinning in my ceiling I noticed that it felt like I was wearing a helmet made of vibrating fuzz. Definite pressure change in my eyeballs. Euphoric bliss with one foot on the ground: can accomplish tasks or just stare between atoms... Great after dinner smoke.”

  • “I'm fuckin faded.....”

  • “high THC makes 4 a heavy head high .”