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Head Trip Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I could not smell much after I had taken several whiffs, but Headtrip Golden Shatter was glassy and had some really satisfying snaps to it. I loaded it and had taken my trusty glass straw/honey collector to dab at the sides. The hits were very clean and there was a mild pine taste. Within a few seconds I was experiencing a wobble to my vision, ushering in that psychedelic feel this strain gets it's name from. The sen...”

  • “This strain is amazing for stress, plus a good body high. Everything starts to go in slow motion”

  • hi2

    “Nice after work weed. Pretty much erases any serious concerns you had during the day. Gives you the floaty head feeling, which I like. It's like a little vacation.”

  • “With a name like Head Trip i didnt know what to really expect so not to be weary of the unknown i checked out a gram, the buds are a thick dense and dark green with darker orange hairs, being a new batch for this strain the moment the jar opens a very woody with hints of chocolate aroma comes through, within the first exhale i could feel a blanket of heaviness come over my body, and just as it started my mind became ...”

  • “I have a half gram of the shatter. It's pretty tasty. The high hits right behind the eyes as I find most these concentrates of high potency too start most often. but it mellows full body and relaxing. Smells good, snaps onto the dab tool, nice golden with a little darker tint to it, dabs clean on the banger.”

  • “Not a very common strain. The cerebral effects are priceless. A truly enjoyable head high associated with this, and it accompanies a very relaxing body high. Great hybrid.”

  • “The high you get from this strain is wonderful. It's so far from overwhelming. I don't know if I'm the only one,but I was REALLY put off by the taste. To me, it was like smoking black coffee grounds. maybe it's just me :p”

  • “Great stuff! Very calming and very relaxed full body feel but not to heavy. Great for anxiety.”