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What is Heatwave?

Created by Oregon Cannabis Authority, Heatwave is a cross between an original THC Bomb cut and an old school Chemdawg. Heatwave’s rich terpene profile reeks of spicy, musky earth with just a hint of diesel, and the stout plants offer up decent yields for their squat morphology. This hybrid’s effects tend to be relaxing without being overly sedating, making it a solid choice for consumers seeking relief from insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety. 

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  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Chemical

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“Another high-THC banger by OCA. The gaseous Chemdawg terpenes come through so strong on this one that you think it's going to be a diesely sativa hybrid but no, heatwave hits with a hard, happily sedated kush high. Great choice for people who love getting thoroughly stoned!”