Hell's OG Reviews

(f.k.a Hell's Angel OG)

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is my favorite sleepy time strain. Do NOT read that to mean it is ONLY good for sleeping. I enjoy it pretty much any time. But it turns my brain off and lets me relax. Let me explain that a little better...it turns off the constantly thinking, logical part of my brain (frontal lobe?) that keeps me awake all night because it won't shut the f up, and activates the creative parts of my brain (temporal lobes?) so I ...”

  • “Great taste and very stoney. Has long lasting effects with pain numbing, and relaxation, but might be a bit strong on the mind for some with low tolerances. I smoked it mid day and was able to function well, others may want to leave this as a night time strain unless pain and anxiety relief are needed.”

  • “To sum this strain up in one word is almost impossible, but all I can say is "Wow". It is a bit psychedelic for the first 30 minutes or so, but quickly relieves the pain from a 12 year old back injury. Pungent is an understatement for it's aroma. One big hit from a pipe or bong almost instantly fills 1200 sq ft of space with penetrating stench that I have not smelled the likes of in at least a decade (30 year+ smo...”

  • “Delicious, sweet, heavy stony high. Sip some sweet red wine or pomegranate juice while toking. Perfect for meditation, contemplation, ethereal music with a friend or alone. Floating.”

  • “Here in Arizona it's known as Biker OG. Super fruity indica that had helped me with chronic headaches and relaxation. Also a very beautiful strain as well. This strain tends to last me awhile because usually one bowl is enough to enlighten me with heavy euphoria.”

  • “Incredibly Stoney!! Been smoking for over 17 years now and haven't been this stoned in a long time. Took a couple dabs of this in a great delicious concentrate. I definitely recommend this as a time to go to bed med.”

  • “From a .14g bowl of very dry bud in my vape pen,  about .06g, about 40% of what I packed got vaped, yeah I weighed it, this bud is caked in amazing oil laden trichomes. It's indica dominant traits will wipe away your pain,  worries,  and energy. It hits like a freight train, sending a tingly, heavy feeling to your limbs definately couch locking you for its durration.  Sedation is strong with this strain,  the high is...”

  • “Not quite as good as Dead Head OG, but pretty damn close. Great for pain and sleepy time.”