Hemlock Reviews

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  • “So since starting with my current dispensary, Hemlock was one of the first strains that caught my eye, after doing a little more research i ended up choosing this strain because of the genetics with two famous power houses Durban Poison an extremely energetic sativa crossed with the ever so strong and trippy LA Confidential.. This plant produces thick dense buds that closely resemble DP's vibrant orange hairs wrapp...”

  • “This Sativa Hybrid, oh my lord. If you want a good laugh, to ease depression, or stress....smoke a bowl pack and make sure to have at least an ounce. As a medical patient, this strain has helped my PTSD, and severe anxiety. I'm a social butterfly on Hemlock. Highly, highly recommend this strain for those who use cannabis medicinally.”

  • “Ok my thoughts" I'm relaxed,laid back,happy, mellow,not like a zombie. Talkative but no one here to talk to. That's y I'm doing this review. Dry mouth so I got to get a drink.🍺 So this is a thumbs up strain, They should've called it the Headlock Instead..”

  • “This strain has a smooth citrus tastes that was fantastic at knocking out issues of ptsd/anxiety. Hemlock left me lounging on the couch feeling as if waves tiny waves were crashing over me, and let me with a sense that everything was going to workout. *Concentrate / drdabber pen*”

  • “I thought this was great. It was fairly cheap and actually produced a very Euphoric high. It seems better then some of the top-shelf strains. It helped with my pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and bi-polar. If you can get it try it. Its worth it.”

  • “Very nice! I smoked a ton of durban poison in the early 2000s when I was in college, and hemlock is basically exactly how I remember that to be. Real hard-headed high but not abrasive. Way on the sativa side of the spectrum for a hybrid--zero indica effects at first, but they do come around to an extent after 15min or so. Bonkers high, great strain.”

  • “Incredible for anxiety. I prefer to dab this strain as opposed to smoking it; the flavor is better that way. Just hit my rig, hoping to calm down the onset of a panic attack. 2 minutes later, I'm shocked at how good I feel.”

  • “Perfect hybrid strain! Hemlock is very versatile, so it's great to use in the morning or hanging out with friends. I have mood disorders and Hemlock helps me calm down and evens out my mood while still keeping me uplifted and energetic. It isn't too harsh on the throat, which is always a plus. Overall awesome strain!”