Hercules Reviews

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  • “wow finally hercules made it on here this happens to be one of my favorite strains i first encountered it at a place called puffs in ashland wasn't to impressed with the bud they gave me in other words it was ugly! but it got the job done funny story right after i left i met a guy who was actually growing it! he showed me some of the best nugs I've ever seen i tried his compared to the shop lol lets just say he showe...”

  • “Wow! One of the best ones i smoked in a while, it hits so good and softly comes up intill you're fully baked. 😎 5/5!!”

  • “This was my first time, and it the high comes on slow, but then it really takes off.”

  • “I acquired a quarter/lb called Hercules Mystery Machine about 3-4 months ago, and incredibly, found 1 seed in the entire package, which i planted, and harvested only 2 days ago. Because it's in the early stages of drying/curing, i have yet to compare the high to that of the parent plant. However, given the healthy growth of the plant, and it's exceptional appearance, i have "high" hopes i've found a strain which grow...”

  • “A lovely hybrid. While I think ol Herc likely grew this for Chronos to help with his arthritis pain. Is it from Olympus? maybe... Its a very tasty, terpin heavy draw that culminates in a smooth mellow ,forget your dilemas type buzz. I would highly reccommend for anxiety during the day or ADD supression. Good indica traits without going to bed.”

  • “Heavy head buzz but not sedating. Tastes great and smells even better.”