Hibiscus Sunrise Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “this lovely Strains attacks the Spasms and cramps that try to attack me. It relaxes me but at the same time gives me quite a bit of energy when needed to get things done. It inspires my creative side with music and cooking. At first I had encountered slight tinge of anxiety but at the same time that saids a lot. I have a high tolerance And very rare experience this, also being a long time smoker, and rookie vaper. ...”

  • “Refreshing sweet taste. Perfect summer high. Compassionate sciences nj has an awesome cut”

  • “im about to try some momentarily”

  • “Very nice sweet taste! Body numbing but clear headed. Doesn't perk up the appetite as much as other strains but great at taking away pain with still being able to. Focus mentally.”

  • “Love the floral taste and mild high from this strain! Very cerebral effects lifted anxiety and made me feel stress free 😎”

  • “Hibiscus Sunrise is a cross of two strains, Hawaiian Sunrise x Gupta Kush. 60/40 split (Sways a touch to the indica side) Hawaiian Sunrise is a proprietary cross of Urkle x Urkle x Trainwreck and is known for giving the user a clear cerebral effect with heightened sense of clarity, color and awareness while still being relaxing to the mind and body. It's got beautiful citrusy aromas with heavy, almost tangerine fl...”

  • “Very peaceful name for a very relaxing strain. Scooped up some small bud for a good price. These buds were a light green with dark brown pistols, light purple and magenta hues, dark green calyxes. The trichomes sparkle really brightly against the purples. Hibiscus Sunrise has a flowery sweet scent with a hint of lavender. When vaped the tongue is greeted with flowery sweetness. Hibiscus Sunrise was recommended by the...”

  • “Got this as a live sugar wax from Nuvue in Pueblo Co. great taste, really relaxing. zoned out a few times writing this.”