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High Noon Irish Cream

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What is High Noon Irish Cream?

High Noon Irish Cream is a cross of The Real McCoy and Cookies & Cream. Created by High Noon Cultivation of Oregon, this selected phenotype expresses a balance of its parents' best traits. It has a sweet but sharp oil and skunky nose with underlying notes of peppercorn and spice. The bud structure gains its density and glistening trichome coverage from its frosty Cookies & Cream father. This strain’s coloration spans many different shades of green that contrast against dark purple sugar leaves. High Noon Irish Cream’s aroma is a vibrant and sweet bouquet of citrus that invigorates taste buds on the inhale. The effects of this well-balanced hybrid tend toward a stony, cerebral euphoria that is great for leisurely activities as well as relieving digestive discomfort and muscle soreness

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High Noon Irish Cream Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms

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“This dreamy smoke is flying off the shelves in Oregon & I doubt High Noon can grow it fast enough. Irish Cream's downtempo, relaxing effects are noticeably long-lasting. Great taste and aroma, with skunk/musk/spicy notes left on the palate after smoking. Clean-burning, bright white ash on the joint. Smooth draw, no coughing. The 2018 batches of this strain test between 27.7% - 31.88% THC depending on the batch, m...”

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“A Confidence Builder Blend based around the prominence of militaristic origins (desire) for byway-painlessness (from derivative self-conscription - ill-renounced...) mellowed by the prevalence of said (for greater) McCoy cross-breeding (what you tried to say) is Yes - if you have a friend who is annoying - if they are Hyper and Talkative then this blend is Trap-Music on your FruityLoops - recommended for Muscle Tissu...”