Himalayan Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is some great stuff. Makes you feel happy, energetic and horny.”

  • “Himalayan Gold is a very potent weed with the taste and smell of the Himalayan Mountains.”

  • “To me the best bud in the world psychoactive and sedative”

  • “Himalayan Gold gives you a very long lasting high while also giving you stress and anxiety relief.”

  • “My dispensary has this marked as an indica, even though sources on the internet say it's a hybrid (Skunk/N.Lights/Haze)..but regardless, it's a great strain that's packed with THC, CBD and CBN...works well for stress, pain, & sleeplessness..the high will definitely leave you with a ''muddy-head'' feeling that will persist when you wake up the next day if you're at an [8] or higher (think ultra-groggy feeling like wak...”

  • “Taste is earthy and very neutral. The buzz is up in your head (high effect), you feel tingly and at peace with yourself. Effects are felt olmost instantly, so there are no surprises. It lasts for about an hour and as fast the buzz comes in it gets out. In conclusion I would say a very potent strain that gives you a nice natural feel. A definite day smoke since you return to normal in a good hour. It also made me c...”

  • “smoked this with some sativa kief & it was a really nice balance..semi-rush & energy/alertness from the kief came on strong & then a few minutes later, the soothing, relaxing goodness of indica tempers the rush into a clearheaded, yet heavy euphoria..the stress melts away as the buzz continues to build, almost as if they're in inverse proportions..after an insanely stressful & hectic day, while fighting a headache an...”

  • “A personal favorite to grow and smoke, fantastic plant, nice yield and awesome smell.”