Hippie Crippler Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Friends get amazing buds :) NY needs to legalize seriously because this whole country is going down economically and marijuana will stimulate the economy if the government can place a simple tax or levy on marijuana. On the other hand, this strain was AMAZING. I am lucky to get this where I am from. Honestly I was instantly uplifted just seconds after inhale. Very strong, pungent order in and out of grinder. Awes...”

  • “I received an ounce of Hippie Crippler from a close friend about 2 weeks ago. This strain was good overall; nothing unbelievable. The buds were small to medium and dry/crispy. The trichome production was moderate; up close and in good lighting every crack and corner was white with crystals. The buds were very sticky..mainly light green with a little orange/brown hairs. The smell was stronger when the buds were broken...”

  • “I'm giving Crippler a 5 as a strong surprising sativa hybrid. The first thing I noticed about this strain is the berry fruity smell. The smoke wasn't harsh for me so I smoked a bit more than needed for my medical reasons , it is helpful with body pain however too much gave me a headache but that is common for me with sativa. For pain relief it's wonderful , it's a great day time strain if you don't over do it othe...”

  • “My friend bought this weed from a small time grower. The bud looks dark green with some brown hairs on it. The smell is very strong. The taste is sweet and earthy just like its smell. I got that burnt caramel flavor which i really like. Overall the experience is very uplifting and happy. We had one gravity bong hit and follow by a fat blunt. It came on slowly at first. But got us pretty high at the end.”

  • “The flowers overall were a very nice light green. Very dry and light herb broke apart easily. Smooth smoke that had some nice skunk ak-47 influence and fruity blue satellite hints.”

  • “Delicious, uplifting, get-stoned-and-take-a-hike kind of bud. Top notch!”

  • “This was a strain I bought more for the name than anything. Hippie crippler * love that ! Anyway the effects were solid, I liked the Relaxed/chill high, with (at least for me) good general pain relief.”

  • “You have this strain lineage wrong, it's Jolly rancher x ak47. It's a decent smoke”