Hong Kong Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hong Kong aka Hong Kong Star a wonderful Hybrid of Sour Diesel x Sensi Star. Pungent aroma, Skunky to spicy taste. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a perfect mix for me. After a few rounds smoked in a pipe I was able to get my yardwork done. Then a few bong's latter and I was relaxed sleep will be easy. My supply came from a 100% hydrofarm. I will be getting more!”

  • “ehhh its perty good im so high right now”

  • “Hong Kong is my ultimate daytime medication. A subtle head high, accompanied by a dramatic reduction in anxiety without feeling cloudy. No couch lock here! I can easily play difficult classical piano pieces, without any confusion. This is great for those suffering from crippling depression or anxiety. It does the job, without feeling "medicated."”

  • “Taken at the tail end of my day right before hitting the gym. My fatigue melted away and I was left with an abundance of focus and energy. It made me very clear headed and I obtained laser vision over my surroundings. Had a spicy taste, similar to black pepper.”

  • “Hong Kong is Sour Diesel mixed with Sensi Star and it is top shelf!”

  • “This strain will certainly get the job done as it pertains to pain and the ability to sleep.”

  • “Agree about the muscle spasms. I found it energized and uplifted my mood which helped me get things done as well. I think it's a more Sativa-dominant hybrid, with just a perfect amount of Indica in there.”

  • BJW

    “Cool strain; I've had alot of Sour Diesel crosses, but this is a really nice one in terms of a balanced strong high with a good taste. I'd call it a slightly sativa dominant hybrid; kind of in the realm of a Blue Dream or OG Kush; I assume it's called Hong Kong because of the smell/taste ... like a diesel fuel infused spice/pepper/flowery stink ... all that is missing is the chicken and you have the smell of eating ...”