Humboldt Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hits you INSTANTLY. It's been about 7 minutes, my whole head is soaring. Feels like aliens are lifting my head up into outer space. Wow... this is ballllllllller. Unlike my (moron-dominant) friend- Chocolope, this strain makes you quite smart. Only problems with this strain is 1. it makes you lose focus of everything, don't allow anyone to tell you anything important or any stories. 2. Ya literally don't give a crap ...”

  • “This strain just popped up in Tx recently and I would have to say im pretty amazed. Its a very very Indica dominant strain that really puts you in a haze. A definite couchlock bud! Buds are beautiful and dense with a very very strong pungent skunk smell too it. This is now a new favorite of mine.”

  • “Great strain, definitely on the more sativa end as far as hybrids go - for me just a small amount was enough to truly appreciate the quality high that this strain is capable of. Can sneak on you a little bit, but for me the euphoric effects were felt for a few hours and really made me appreciate the quality of the strain. Great for smoking early in the day or afternoon, washes away anxiety and really allows you to me...”

  • “This is fire. I'm sad I didn't purchase much. The high is everything I like extra giggly nice and happy. Easily chill out and relax have a fun time. The taste is kinda earthy and easy to smoke is nice.”

  • “i'm a 1st timer and it's nice... smooth, relaxing and happy is how I feel and how it taste. got a 1/2 can't wait to hit it properly... properly equals wake and bake”

  • “first time I had this was in Lake Tahoe some years ago. best damn strain I've ever had. very clear headed.”

  • “Really well balanced hybrid. The high was long and euphoric, which lingers for quite a while. Humboldt packs quite a nice punch. As for the flowers, they were a nice deep green with purples and pinks spread throughout. The buds were fat and sticky. They smelled of sandalwood and spice, with a bit of skunkiness. The taste was peppery, woody, and a little sweet. Great for muscle relaxation, stress, and pain relief.”

  • “Wow, this is a pretty rad strain. It gave me and my girlfriend both some creativity. For being indica dominant it sure opened my mind a little. Would recommend to those who want to relax and vent.”