Hurkle Reviews

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  • “I've been trying to find a strain for around 6 months that would work on my fibro, but everything I tried caused severe dyskinesia, which of course just makes my pain worse. This one was the jack pot. Very mellow, left me clear headed, didn't cause the normal heartburn or coughing I get from all the other ones I've tried. Bonus points is that the body high was very slight, and I was left feeling so close to normal th...”

  • “Very large, dense, and sticky buds. It has a 1.6:1 CBD to THC ratio with CBD at 18% and THC at 11%. Three full capacity draws on my PAX2 and I feel relaxed, happy and less stressed but no overwhelming high or cloudyness. I feel what may be tingling across my brow. I'm giving this five stars because it helps my depression, and stress while allowing me to keep my focus.”

  • “This purple beauty took the aches and pains from my neck, shoulders and most importantly my back and carted them off to "no more worries land". Cannot say enough for the pain relief properties of this great strain. Trouble getting a hold of it, hard to find, if found stock up if possible. Clear happy mind with comfy body, perfect for day or night. Absolutely Wonderful!!!”

  • “I love this strain. The 1 : 1.3 ratio of THC:CBD is perfect for me. Mine was lab tested at 6.9% THC and 9.1% CBD. It's great for pain and anxiety with a very mild indica-like high so it's useful during the day and also doesn't keep you up at night. This is great medical cannabis that works well for me. It won't appeal to recreational though users due to the low THC, high CBD ratio. That's one thing I love about cann...”

  • “superb strain! my acquisition tested at 18%CBD/'s like taking a "flower dab"...”

  • “I personally love this strain and had a dispensary reserve an eighth for me after picking up a ten dollar gram of it to try it out and make sure it was cbd heavy. I feel as if this is truely a 1:1 strain and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to cbd... The batch I had was covered in yellow trichomes on the inside of the super dense nugs that had a slight pine smell but mostly coffee and earthy notes...”

  • “This has to be one of my favorites. One of the few that eases my spinal pain AND joint pain. it tastes and smells amazing and can shut down migraines. I only take away a star because, for me, it doesn't last very long compared to Pennywise. But it does leave me feeling refreshed, like after a nap, when the buzz wears off.”

  • “I though this strain hurkle was very berry tasting and had a 11.56%c.b.d 7.68% t.h.c so I defiantly like this strain for my depression, anxiety,and pain purposes I would rate this strain. a 8 but the stars don't go that high.”