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Hustler Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Frosty green and orange hairs oh my! Not a particularly heavy hitter but this has a nice flow feeling to it. Steady building high that doesn't creep up on you so much as transforms itself into Matthew Mcconaughey. Your body feels pretty alright, you yourself will feel alright. Everything is just alright man. It won't get you a commercial and a fancy car but this stuff really fits the mellow bill and no worries attitu...”

  • “Love it Love It Love it Love it Love It . I Love This Sh*t. That Pain Good for stress got this a while back.”

  • “Awesome indica, sweet flavor and got pretty high with just one good hit. great for pain, anixtey and stress.”

  • “very nice!!”

  • “very expensive, but worth every penny. man I wish it was less expensive. $20 a gram. ;-)”

  • “one of the best strains ive ever had”

  • “Dope Strain like a super haze but gets u buzzin like the Khalifa Kush wit no citrus and a light earthly woody after taste.”

  • “Good for the hustler. No sleepy side effects ( At first ) Keeps you mellow assertive and focused on daily activities”