Ice Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've been a very heavy smoker for many years now, so I can almost always handle a little chronic. That being said, after taking a hit of this strain, I proceed to be very "wrecked". For some reason every time I smoke this strain one of my eyes seems to droop and well I can say this; don't use this strain if you are trying to be discreet about being high. I ended up getting stoned before a dinner with my girlfriends f...”

  • “very powerful body stone with a strange menthol taste to it. very good for night time use”

  • “I tried this strain for the first time last night in the form of live resin.. WOW was that intense! The taste was lightly piney with a sweet note but I didn't detect any citrus. It hit me hard almost paralyzing me with a heavy body high but my mind was clear and I felt mentally energized. After I recovered a bit I paced around my house but admittedly I wasn't doing anything that could even slightly be considered usef...”

  • “I highly recommend this strain to those who enjoy to toke and get work done with a lil body buzz just enough to move your body in a zenful nature. The light cerebral high adds to creative wonderment when using this sativa dominant. The body buzz from the small amount of indica give is super light and just enough to feel like clouds are floating you through your day. Method: vape ganja 222 - 231 degrees farenheigh...”

  • “Ice Wreck, by Crop King Seeds is a cross between Trainwreck and Ice, making an exceptional knockout strain for any time of the day. Ice Wreck is a perfect 50/50 hybrid, providing full on body effects with the accompanying head high. This strain tastes great in a vaporizer and smells great as well. I would recommend this strain to any patients with chronic pain or amnesia, but will impress anyone who gives it a try...”


  • “Some purple flowered bud with some big buds... Very smooth and relax I g smoke very good for stress relief or after a long day”

  • “Good strain! Definitely feel it in your head physically and mentally. Only complaint is that it gave me a bit of a headache. A good one for euphoria but not so much pain relief.”