Ice Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I tried Ice once before when I was trying a ton of strains at once, and it did stand out to me. I have been searching for a good daytime flower that is not more than 50% sativa and that works well for my issues and I have found it! I wish I had donated for more of it and will be getting Ice next time Oregon's Finest has it available to patients. I vaporize and I regularly ingest RSO so my baseline for review is solid...”

  • “Very gradual medicinal onset. Good for achy muscles-arthritis-headaches-anxiety-pdst-adhd Would highly recommend for average aches and pains headaches and depression. Still has sedative properties but more less of the sleepy feeling. First taste was a flowery earth toned citrus that blended well only downside which was hardly noticed was a slight menthol exhale. Overall great outdoor hybrid I will be looking fo...”

  • “I really enjoyed smoking this bud, it was smooth, tasted wonderful, it smelled absolutely perfect. I usually don't care for any hybrid that isn't dominant sativa, but this was the perfect mix. I got mine from a friend who grows up in the Rocky mountains (gotta love Colorado), I smoked it as bud and bubble hash, and both were amazing highs. If I was to introduce anyone to smoking, I would give them this. It shows you ...”

  • “I first discovered Ice here on leafly. I was looking for something to relieve my fibromyalgia pain, insomnia, and anxiety. The reviews on the site were great for Ice, so we ordered some seeds and my husband grew it outdoor for me ( nowhere for indoor) and it fit the bill exactly! While it does relieve my insomnia, it also relieves my nerve pain so I can get up and do more for my family, like make dinner. I take no ot...”

  • “This is one of the finest buds I have ever had. The collective I went to (cascade collective in oakville washington) said it was from a 10 year grower... it shows. The taste,smell,high everything is perfected. It tastes minty and like cinnamon and a million other flavors it is one of the most flavorful bud I have had. It smelled great too like mint and very strong. The high was incredible and really spoke to the bene...”

  • “My husband was just walkIng around the house saying "Beenie Weenies" and giggling like a school girl.”

  • “Very potent! My favorite strain so far, with thick heavy smoke & and an instant kick! Was surprised to find this was a hybrid, seemed like a straight up indica. Highly recommend !”

  • “I needed to relax and build an appetite and needed a real deep sleep, smoked 3 bowls over 2 hrs with food halfway through, slept like a dog, 10 out of 10 for what i was needing at the time”