Jack Flash Reviews

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  • hi2

    “Went in to pick up Jack Herer and came out with Jack Flash. It gives a productive high. Nice in the morning with your coffee. Energy, focus, lots of smiling and laughing...I've heard there's two versions. This is the sativa dominant strain and it's wonderful. I'm actually glad they were out of Jack Herer. Jack Flash has made my top 10. I'll be taking him to the beach next week. He'll make fun....funner.”

  • “Nausea started kicking in hard, with the migraine not too far away. I was fully prepared to go take a nap, but decided to medicate first with some Jack Flash. I got out my rig and did a couple dabs. As I walked back into the kitchen, I saw all the dirty dishes I had planned to put off until later when I was feeling better, and suddenly I found myself washing them. The effects were almost immediate. Nausea was 1000 ti...”

  • “(Grower Grade- B) Not Flushed Properly This could be a 5 star strain if the grower does it right. Beautiful buds, definitely has some skunk in it due to its extreme stickiness. The high is A-1, very calming and uplifting at the same time. The problem I have is the the burn quality and taste are awful, caused by poor flushing. If clean and organic this flower has amazing potential. Grab some JackFlash and give it a ...”

  • “Great indica dominant hybrid grown by Doc & Yeti. The nug was dense and when shook in the container it sounds like a rock! Nice crystals with orange hairs, citrusy spicy aroma, fruity earthy taste. Immediate effects were mellow and calming and kept intensifying for several minutes til it peaked for a great body buzz that lasted roughly 2 and a half hours. Great for my nausea and intestinal cramping, awesome sleep aid...”

  • “Looks, Smells, Tastes... Jack Flash has it all and comes with a nice relaxing feeling but helps you get up and help you be productive in your day.”

  • “Being a huge fan of skunky strains, this one really hits the spot for me. The combination of sweet aromas with the skunk makes it a typical Haze, which is ideal for my personal needs. I felt very giggly and the only side effect was hardcore cottonmouth.”

  • “This review is on Jack Flash wax, by Tumbleweed Edwards, CO. First off this stuff is gorgeous. It's like the consistency of a soft serve ice cream or cookie dough. Second this smells of a subtle citrus aroma that carries over into the flavor, I also got a menthol flavor on the exhale I didn't smell. As for the effects this is a very nice hybrid if your looking to relieve multiple symptoms. It's definitely an up ...”

  • “Wow. Top 10 contender for sure. Bright, fresh lime green buds like its jack herer mother but with the fuck me high of its super skunk x haze father. Absolutely amazing pungent fruity tropical smell and flavour. The high hits you instantly with a nice even cerebral buzz, very euphoric and uplifting as with any well grown skunk variety. This cross is from Sensi Seeds and I've gotta give them props they've really outdon...”