Jack Frost Reviews

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  • “GREAT FOR SEX! But I will get back to that in a minute! Beautiful green color with some nice hairs and crystals (frost) intertwined. The smell is amazing...like lemon pledge, with a kind of a cedar accent but nice and citrusy. Tastes great as well and you get that citrus on the finish, especially if you vape it. It hits hard at first then levels off and puts you into a nice easy place. It lasts a loooong time...afte...”

  • “it's as if every bone in my body has turned it's self into smooth, silky, milk. my entire being is baked, and that milk feels incredible right now. if i could reach through the other side to another dimension, this weed better be there, because it makes me comment on Marijuana Strains Leafly Page. says to self: "any typos? i hope not" clicks save for public rating gets no ratings; probably because of typos”

  • “Great Strain. I got so high I thought I was Michael Keaton.”

  • “Definitely one of the stronger strains I've tried. It hits you in phases. (1) the first phase is that overall feeling of being lost –– I.e. feeling scatter brained without direction (2) the second stage is this catatonic lethargic floating stage (3) third stage is ultra horny-ness... awesome strain to have sex on (4) good night sleepy head.”

  • “I have reviewed over 100 strains of flower on Leafly and just realized I've spaced-out reviewing vape concentrates, so here we go....I prefer the Jake Frost Vape and Edibles over smoke form (kinda weak on a thc high for this 'ol hippygirl). Both other forms are Good Medicine offering kind Body-Bliss/Mind-Magic...maybe the gland size/bud structure (?). So grateful to YHS for their wide selection of edibles, vapes, tr...”

  • “An utter delight. A deep, pine green bud that warrants a double take. So humble at first, the richness of the hue is dark, and deep, but not dim. Almost glossy. Green suede, or a holly wreath. The shade is curious, but the smell is where you really begin to understand. Lavender, lemon, and heady pine make a crisp perfume, far and away from any "skunky" or "sour" notes. Nugs are hyperdense, being more akin to pebble...”

  • “Jack Frost. Let me just start off by saying that I just tried this strain for the first time last night and my first thought is that it is an amazing green bud. It gives off a really nice euphoric relaxed chilled even high, which is always nice but at the same time it doesn't knock you out or leave you couch locked. It in fact leaves you feeling relaxed yet at the same time completely functional. This is a great stra...”

  • “First review, Number and ratings are pretty guessy but this is gotta be the second strain that I've tried thats made me feel as great as I do now. Blue dream feels similar in a way. Its one of those strains which will change your outlook on life if you suffer from any kind of depression. I know I do, and I really didn't know until I first came to cannabis 5 years ago. Comparing how I felt sober back then to now, and...”