Jack Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Found this in NJ and knocked me out. Killed the tremors, the pain, and brought back my appetite with a vengeance. Dry eyes and a headband/goggle effect is a price worth paying, though over-indulgence may lead to some slight spin/vertigo sensation. Made me a little jumpy at first through a bong but settled into a smooth and relaxed high which also killed the leg spasms. Vaped through a volcano at 210 degrees C twice w...”

  • “Got ahold of this strain from a good friend. He picked it up from some place in Anaheim. We rolled it in a joint and it packed a mean punch! the nugs were frosty and solid with a great smell! I'd love to try it again.”

  • “good strain. great energizing kush but enough will get u tired.great for daytime and night use, it's sweet and smooth like most kush. I prefer more of the indica kush tho or OG”

  • “the best of both worlds, very resigning, uplifting, sweet smelling and amazing for pain”

  • “A rather pleasant high. Now that I've smoked it a few times, I kinda like it's lazy effect - it's not enough to put me down, but it's enough to make me feel nice. Quite strong and very enjoyable, especially at night. If you can get your hands on this definitely try it.”

  • “Fios for relaxing and keeping a good mood!”

  • “This is a great daytime strain. It had a "pow" at the start that slowly dissipated over several hours, leaving me focused on whatever activity I choose. Good mood boosting productive smoke. Definitely on the favorites list.”

  • “Good head high, definitely a relaxing buzz. Good laughs, serious munchies, good for insomnia or stress.”