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Jack Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Jack Herer x White Widow. The dispensary I got this from called it Apple Jack. This is a good daytime sativa dominant strain without most of the sativa negatives, like anxiety or paranoia. The flowers are largish but with closely packed sativa like buds. The color is light-dark mottled green with light brown hairs. The smell is musty and earthy but not unpleasant. Vaping the flower produced a medium vapor. No urge to...”

  • “Pleasant smoke. Not the best tasting, a little harsh for my liking but, after the first few hits, you get used to it. Immediate calming effect. I found myself talking nonstop and laughing really hard at most everything. I wish it was a bit stronger. The dispensary had this item on the sativa menu but I would argue its buzz is indica.”

  • “This shit is the bomb. I just got in a super talkative, chill mood. I got very driven and it's really great to share with with friends and chill with some music.”

  • “This is the shit”

  • “Very cerebral high, very potent. Played a game of monopoly, never had a chance, didn't give a shit.”

  • “In my neck of the woods here in Oregon we call this strain Jack White. I love it and have been cultivating it for a few years. It is like a happy punch to the head that can keep you up very late if you smoke too much, at least mine is that way.”

  • “Depends on if a lot: it helps me relax and sleep and I have bad anxiety and insomnia, a little: makes me happy, goofy, stress free.. Able to get up and do anything I want.”

  • “Perfect balanced Sativa hybrid, not too stimulating but still puts me in a positive, relaxed mood. Less energetic, creative and talkative than Sativas too- better for relaxing.”