Jacked-Up Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Kind of have love/hate relationship with Jacked Up. Definitely arousing and creative. The ideas come fast and furious, along with the munchies. While stimulating creatively, this strain drops me into an introspective mood and I get way too engaged with my ideas/thinking, making it difficult to connect with my lover or other people. Might be a good one for solo pursuits (writing, music, video games, walking in nature)...”

  • “Another great one for sex. Definitely arousing - I love this strain because of its strong cerebral, uplifting effects. You could definitely use this for daytime use. I couldn't tell you much about the taste because, quite honestly, when I smoke it I really don't get the taste sensation - however, when you vape it then you can definitely get the taste effects. Just inhale and breathe out slowly through your nose....”

  • “not very sticky, nice citric aroma, medium density , deffinatly wakes you up, 8/10 would smoke again”

  • “Pretty powerful stuff. Went out dancing after smoking this for the first time and had a great time.”

  • “Wasn't that impressed....prefer more of an indica. Overall, not too bad.”

  • “Jacked-Up, potent sativa! Fruity aroma, arousing, made want to just do stuff! Overall 10/10. Big much factor, but not too much to handle. This is a good train for sleep!”

  • “This one gave me a slight headache. The buzz was heady and an upper, but honestly not so much that I couldn't work or anything like that. Without the headache it could be a good daytime med.”

  • “A very clean headed high”