Jah Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I cannot say enough good things about this strain. I have some serious anxiety and stress. this is one of the few strains that allows me to not have to take a full heavy dose of prescription medicine with painful side effects. This strain is so awesome it gives a little bit of everything magical to it. A hint of energy and a spark of euphoria. The flavor is INTOXICATING its like a rich cheese and wine, so famousl...”

  • “I was going to only give it 4 stars but then I thought about the flavor. Some of you newer smokers won't understand but the flavor of this weed has a classic taste like back when we would sneak weed from our parents room. The nostalgia alone makes me give this a 5 star rating.”

  • “nice milky trichomes, superior flavor ( especially when vaped) excellent bud formation.....got super baked and had a great conversation with a good friend...absolutely LOVE it!”

  • “Jah is a nice day time strain. It gives you an energetic overall feeling of well-being. Has a lemony taste that is pretty delish.”

  • “I definitely enjoy this strain and have searched to find a close equivalent. It makes me happy, focused, talkative, and increases my imagination. I want to buy a tree and keep it in my back yard forever.”

  • “This is exceptionally dank and as my friend said, "top shelf weed".”

  • “very very good taste excellent buzz only a couple hits in and your nicely stoned”

  • “I love this strain, smells amazing and tastes even better. Helps with everything I need burns very nice.”