Jasmine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “After only a two day break, a small amount of Jasmin picked me up to an uplifting smiley high then slammed me into the couch. Definitely an at home bud, but a great one at that.”

  • “I'm a pretty heavy indica smoker, and Jasmine knocked me on my ass. My muscles were so relaxed. It felt like a warm heavy blanket and left me couch locked and giggly. I love mixing strains and have had a lot of fun pairing Jasmine with other indicas for an even heavier effect. Would absolutely recommend for IBS or crohn's patients. It really helps relieve bloating and abdominal pressure.”

  • “When first smelling the jasmin crumble, it smells like roses and lavender. I enjoyed the smell before I I put the crumble in the vaporizer. In the first inhale, ( even the weed taste like eating garden plants) gives a cool relaxing feeling. It also tastes sweet and smells likes flowers after vaping the weed.”

  • “very sweet smelling, with a very soft feel to the big nugs. very nice sweet taste and a high that last 2-3 hours.”

  • “this is probably the greatest weed i had yet. love the head high”

  • “The perfect strain for relaxing. Its aromatics are therapeutic also. It's like aroma therapy in your medicine. I could fell no negatives and was very positive. The perfect alrounder!”

  • “Great all-around feeling. Nice head high. Excellent medication.”

  • “The "Jasmin" I got is actually Jasmine. It is apparently Durban Poison and Super Silver Haze, making it come down on the Sativa side of the spectrum. The buds are shaped like SSH, kind of like an arrowhead. The color is greenish yellow, with orange hairs, very similar to the Durban Poison parent. The smell has elements of both parents. Vaping produced a thick vapor and the effects hit after about ten minutes, with a ...”