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Jesus Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I smoked this great plant a concert...and it surpassed all expectations. The euphoria was clear and persistent. Everything seemed hilarious and we were all the greatest comedians on earth. We ended up smoking this with fellow MJ lovers after the show and they were all amazed by the effects. Talkative, happy and all-around just great time. Definitely try this if you have the chance. I assure you that you...”

  • “Jesus is definitely the right name for this strain, it's a super potent Hybrid and a very potent smoke. As soon as you exhale and feel it's effects you'll understand why it's named Jesus. I can smoke this strain day or night and it helps alot with headaches, spams, anxiety and depression. Definitely a "top shelf" strain and definitely worth a try as this strain will not let you down!”

  • “I really like this new version of Jesus by Solstice for a few reasons... First is the huge, dense colas frosty with tricomes, so this plant was well cared for and it shows! Second, I love the aroma; the cured bud is spicy with notes of Vanilla, but when you smoke it, the smell changes to mildly nutty and pine. Third the high is very mild, mellow, relaxing with no "paranoia" or anxiety. It is 60% Indica and a bit...”

  • “I would describe the feeling Jesus provides as cool, calm, and collected. Despite the relatively high THC content, Jesus was not too heavy. I felt relaxed and mellow and would recommend this strain for easing anxiety and for pain relief.”

  • “I loved this strain. Almost immediately upon the first exhale, my back and leg pain vanished. It was also a little bit trippy and it played some games with my mind, but in a good way. It relaxed me and took away all of my ailments. The sleep I had while I was on this was fantastic too. Great strain and a great experience.”

  • “I vaped some of this around Halloween 2014. I took the dog out for a walk in the dark and misty night and started getting a little tripped out at the window decorations and spookiness. It's a bit too cerebral for me outside of a controlled environment but fun at home. I love Solstice's products. This is no exception. I might not buy it again but would recommend to others who like a heady trip.”

  • “I found JESUS here waiting for the growers to be hooked up w/ JESUS OG-together they can be proud parents of a new hybrid stain called "Bigger than Jesus OG" or "2nd Coming of Jesus". I Love Jesus +Jesus OG would love to meet their offspring if /when the growers can hook them up for new Hybrid creation.”

  • “feel nice and happy. juice taste like wine, and cheese it's taste like a good grilled cheese. strain is solid 4.5, extra points though for their price point and minimizing their environmental impact. feel about as happy as I did watching the Sounders score in stoppage time.”