Jilly Dawg Reviews

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  • “I got 2 clones from a dispensary in colorado i am very impressed with the quality and smell/taste it is pretty amazing took about 65-70days to flower the buds get to be above average size and the plant really grows to be tall and nice bud/branch/leaf ratio the buds don't stay as dense as i would prefer, but everything about this strain gets an A+ from my experience with growing/smoking it it never...”

  • “So since this strain doesn't have any medical effects listed I figured I'd share how well it worked for me. Despite taking my antidepressants as prescribed I was laying in bed crying until my friend came over with this strain. After we split a j I stopped being sad, felt well enough to move about, throw some laundry in, and go out to kayaking before I go train BJJ, which I have been struggling to make it to class to ...”