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Jimi Hendrix Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Probably the best strain I’ve had since moving to Oregon. Semi-fruity smell. Well-balanced high after 2 or 3 hits but any more than that you’ll be in a Purple Haze. Excellent for pain relief.”

  • “Love love love this strain! As a big fan of headband I couldn't wait to try it, and I was not let down. This strain is euphoric and absolutely a little psychedelic. I laughed with my friends like we were in high school (we are in our thirties ;) It was an great finish to an evening out. Just a few hits during the day of this stuff and I was immediately feeling some very creative vibes. If you come across this strain...”

  • “This Jack Herer X Headband X Cherry Cola Mix is incredibly fruity. Its aroma has strong accents of Berry, Lemon, and a Pineapple, with a back-end of candy sweetness. For many this will be a fantastic evening strain, as it is definitely Indica-dominant. For me, this strain makes me active, energetic, and euphoric. This strain is always a bit pricey, but worth it. Found at Amazon Organics.”

  • “This strain is good for creativity if you're only going to take a hit or two, if you smoke more your head becomes too foggy to be productive.”

  • “I want some”

  • “Amazing sativa hybrid. One of my favorites!”

  • “Not super comfy, clear-headed, or active. Defined bouts of physical sensations. Not a weed that you get flashback social memories with. A tad paranoia mixed in. I feel a bit particular about how things should be with this weed.”