Jolly Rancher Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't remember my pain scale as this was last night. Nausea has been a 9 pretty consistantly lately. Medicated round 2200 or so? takes botu 10 min to start kickin in. Pain was gone but some nausea still there which blows. Did not put me to sleep either but my hubby's happy bout that! ;-) I did fall asleep round 0300 but I'm pretty sure the meds had worn off before then. I'd recommend for newbies for pain/nausea. Bu...”

  • “Amazing strain. Within minutes of smoking you feel the euphoric buzz creep over you. After about an hour it's a talkative, relaxing, yet still active vibe. Very great for anxiety and socializing.”

  • “this shit cray”

  • “This has been around for like 10+ years a common cross with this strain is green crack which ends up having the name the crippler”

  • “New strain... Not sure the backstory on Jolly Rancher but I picked up from a new shop.. This strain reminded me lot of the ol BC bud (blue dream/jack/trainwreck) years back. Perfect daytime productive high!”

  • “Along with its exceptional aromas and flavours, Jolly Rancher has an almost elegant cerebral high with no cloudiness. This is an enjoyable daytime strain as it mitigates symptoms of Crohn's Disease while allowing for productivity.”

  • “Man, this strain was killer. Really helps with my muscles after a long day of pumping iron at the gym.”

  • “Good but not great.”