Juliet Reviews

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  • “Very different strain. It definitely has a sativa kick that makes things brighter but the effect is a little on the light side (for me) but this particular flower earns a second look very reliable medication for anyone. Right now its like the RC cola of the dispensaries but hopefully this cute little flower gets the recognotion she deserves. On any puff you feel instant relief this is medical marijuana defined. Not t...”

  • “I suffer from major depressive disorder, anxiety, and panic disorder with agoraphobia. I didn't think it was possible but this strain makes me feel NORMAL.”

  • “probably in my top 3 of all time..very smooth flavor and draw from the bong with no coughing.. i agree with the other reviewer - this is a very different strain from what you might be accustomed to smoking. And that's a good thing-not bad. For me Juliet makes me feel extremely happy and focused. Seems to be great for social situations because you don't get that paranoia creep that some other sativa dominants provide...”

  • “This has become my favorite strain hands down. I've been a patient since 2010 and have become familiar with a huge variety of strains and quality. Even spent a couple years working as a caregiver. After all of that this is the strain I settle on to best fit my needs for anxiety and depression. The flavor is fantastic as well. Highly recommend.”

  • “Juliet is fire!! I've been looking for a flower that tastes amazing, gets me lit up, and treats my back pain. This is that strain and I'm in love. Definitely keeping this flower stocked in my medicine cabinet at all times. Definitely get your hands on this bud you'll be very satisfied.”

  • “Good daytime strain. My friend picked this up as his first purchase from Boulder Wellness. I was a little skeptic but the bud isn't bad. Definitely has a diesel high, little stoney, uplifted, relaxed in the body. Definitely a fan!”

  • “This is now my go to strain. Pain left my body, recovering from back surgery I felt awesome. Also made me happy and alive.”

  • “Best I've had for my stump phantom pain that has a great taste too!!”