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Julius Caesar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Every nug is packed with thc that you can see glistening, and the nugs are all purple and green color, very eye pleasing as well as it smells good. The smoke does expand in the lungs, it comes out thick, the smoke is very smooth and not harsh on the troat at all,The high comes on very fast, it is very strong! do not plan to smoke this before work, you will not be able to function that way, it makes you very spaced ou...”

  • “Good genetics in this strain makes it nice for relaxing. It's got a sour-sweet diesel scent, and tastes sweet with mellow smoke. Great for pain relief and mood but will definitely slow you down. Perfect for some Saturday afternoon video games.”

  • “This strain has every thing going for it; the potency, the aroma, and the uniqueness. I picked up a half gram of shatter from Nature's Medicines in Phoenix, best $15 I have ever spent. However it's that kind of shatter where it's brittle & hard to stick to the dab tool. You can't even squeeze it into a little ball it just breaks down into almost chunks of sugar. Despite that down side this stuff is so potent I only ...”

  • “Grabbed a half oz of this strain from Florin Wellness Center in South Sacramento, Ca. FWC has it labeled as a Sativa, so I tried it. I smoked one joint and started doing some research on ol’ JC. I found that it’s lineage is STACKED with indica relatives. No wonder I felt kind lethargic after about 10 minutes of head high. I’ve believe that the JC I received is more like a 70/30 indica-dom hybrid. It’s not what I expe...”

  • “I enjoyed it. Nice body/ head high. Uplifting and mellow.”

  • “great strain to grow”

  • “Another $8 dollar strain that I got my moneys worth and then some. It was full body relaxation and so much so I may have taken a few extra days off of work just to recharge my batteries and gain literally 15lbs in 4 days. It is a good one up there with GG and Yoda OG. My spine and from my head to my toes were completely numb and pain free while my appetite was somewhat insatiable it was a great strain and highly reco...”

  • “This strain was very strong. Felt the high right away feeling a bit anxius and paranoid but that only lasted a few minutes. After that it was magical. Feeling a total mind trip very happy, free and idealistic. Awesome smell and taste. Totally recommended”