Julius Caesar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I enjoyed it. Nice body/ head high. Uplifting and mellow.”

  • “Every nug is packed with thc that you can see glistening, and the nugs are all purple and green color, very eye pleasing as well as it smells good. The smoke does expand in the lungs, it comes out thick, the smoke is very smooth and not harsh on the troat at all,The high comes on very fast, it is very strong! do not plan to smoke this before work, you will not be able to function that way, it makes you very spaced ou...”

  • “wow what a surprise. usually the reviews are a little hype for me, and the product falls short of expectations, but not here. spot on reviews for overall feelings, this is great with Netflix or people and conversation”

  • “Good genetics in this strain makes it nice for relaxing. It's got a sour-sweet diesel scent, and tastes sweet with mellow smoke. Great for pain relief and mood but will definitely slow you down. Perfect for some Saturday afternoon video games.”

  • “My favorite strain ever Super potent, the taste is awesome and u get euphoric happy uplifted and free at the same time. U could get anxius for a minute if U smoke too much. After the tripp ull start feeling heavy and it will take u straight to sleep, a deep relaxin sleep. Love this strain Totally recommended.”

  • “This is one of my favorite hybrid strains. The high is extremely cerebral and psychedelic, with an additional slight muscle relaxation. It is a very strong and intense high. Would not recommend it to beginners.”

  • “Probably one of the most crystal-ridden structures i've seen in my life. good job MEDX”

  • “Great and strong. Smells and taste good. At first i felt a bit paranoid and anxius. After a few mins it was magical, i felt so free, happy and euphoric. One of my favorite highs. Must try”