Jungle Juice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the best day-highs I have ever had. Relaxes the senses while simultaneously waking you enough to get up and have a good time up an about. Absolutely love it, 10/10”

  • “It's like it almost tastes like perfume or marshmallows or just a familiar taste. Gives a nice energetic head high. Makes you wanna think and do stuff.”

  • “I personally got this for my dream steam, and it's perfect. it's so rare to find a really good one for nasuea.”

  • “The flavor is amazing. It do taste like a fruit punch something. Also, it smells great. Way too fruity, quite piney. Great high.”

  • “Nice high and smells very earthy and fruity.”

  • “Fruity and delicious taste with a great cerebral feeling”

  • “The flavor is outstanding. As well as the long lasting effects and the sweet aroma.”

  • “To be honest, I think it was eh. I know, I know, it all gets you high but this just wasn't doing it for me Felt it a lot in my eyes. A positive is that the high is relaxing. I suggest it for anyone that wants to go to sleep.”